Feelin’ Brexity

Cheer up! At least you’ve not metamorphosed into an insect.



Cartoon from The Spectator this week, copies available for purchase for people of a robust nature.

Freshers fair


Is one of your loved ones about to head off to university? Well they are probably bricking it right now, so cheer them up with an original cartoon to take with them from this week’s Private Eye. Point out to them that they will probably gain nothing from their degree and end up cartoonists so there’s nothing to worry about. And give them a big hug because by the time they get back after their first term they will have turned into whining snowflakes and you will despise them. Fact.

Mystic Me

A Cartoon of mine from Private Eye’s 50th anniversary edition, 2011. He’s not quite there yet…


Happy New Year, here is a picture of a cat.

It’s Christmas again


Merry Christmas, here’s the card I drew for Private Eye, rush to the Eye website before they sell out.

Eye Art

So, if you’ve come to my website following the advert in the current Private Eye, here’s the Portrait Gallery cartoon one more time. Hand drawn cartoons for £100, or I can do three for £225. Signed prints £40, or four for £100, bargain hunters!!

Just send a cheque payable to R G Jolley to 143 Victoria Road London N22 7XH with your address and your house could be adorned with your very own version of the cartoon that took Twitter and Facebook by storm.

Great for Christmas presents, easily framed, just think how chuffed your loved ones will be when they open this on Christmas day. Be a hero, buy a cartoon NOW.

Not the NPG

So there’s a new exhibition of cartoons at Charing Cross library, opposite the National Portrait Gallery, which includes my NPG cartoon that is currently doing the rounds on Twitter yet again. Visit the exhibition, see the cartoons, then buy my cartoon! I can sell you a print for £40 or a hand drawn original for £100. And Christmas is coming up again, won’t you look cool handing out original artworks to all your family? They will be so impressed and be straight off down the Ferrari showroom to get you something of equal cool quotient. Maybe. Or don’t buy my cartoon and watch Tiny Tim drop dead. The choice is yours.

Modern Parenting

From Private Eye:


Merry Christmas 2017!!!