Leonard Cohen R.I.P.

So Leonard Cohen has passed on. Twitter is flooded with fellow poets passing on their misery. I’m particularly fond of Cohen’s fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morrisette’s tweet; a simple “Leonard Cohen (sadface)”. Way to keep the poetry alive, Alanis. Never let anyone tell you Twitter is moronic.

Anyhow, here’s my cartoon from a couple of Eyes back when Dylan got the Nobel:

Excellent use of the old “speech bubble from behind a door with guy’s name on it” technique, there. That’s Cartoonist for “I can’t be arsed drawing him”. I think it’s what the Great Man would have wanted.

What he would have wanted even more is for you to send me money, so buy this cartoon now, or any other, otherwise you are disrespecting Leonard Cohen’s greatness. Fact.

Goodbye satire

For some reason today I’ve been unable to think any satirical thoughts whatsoever and have simply had the theme tune to 1970s kids show The Flumps going through my mind. Altogether now…

Straight Outta Compton

So it’s that time of year again, Christmas is coming and you don’t know what to get Grandad as a present. Then you remember he loves NWA rap music and chuckling at the whimsical cartoons in the Spectator. So cheer him up with the flava of this drawing of mine from this week’s Speccie.

£40 for a signed print, £100 for a hand-drawn original. E-mail me now!!



So Britain has backed Brexit, quelle horreur.

"Uh, oh, looks like we're toast"

Cheer yourself up with one of my EUphemisms from Private Eye

Chris Beetles Gallery

Chris Beetles Gallery is showing a cartoon exhibition on the subject of art from 12 June. a few of my cartoons are available to buy so rush down to posh old London and buy, buy, buy. My Portrait Gallery cartoon can be bought from there, as well as by emailing me, but I’ve put that one up on this site too many times already, so here’s one from the Spectator , that you can order from me, on a totally different subject:

It’s Father’s Day soon. Are you a sponging student who has managed to stay sober long enough to remember they should give their Dad a nice thank you present? Well a signed print is only £40, hand drawn original a mere £100. You could even get your parents to pay for it, you grimy unwashed waste of space. Buy now! Or your parents will despise you and it will be all your own fault.

A New Mayor

Londoners, of which I am one, have a new Mayor, congrats to lovely cuddly Sadiq Khan, I’m going to have to learn to draw you. In case there are any Trekkies still trekking their way to my site, here’s a cartoon for you all:

In the last Star Trek movie, Khan reduced London to rubble in a matter of moments. Live long and Prosper!

It’s February

Dame Sally Miseryface, Britain’s Chief Medical Officer, has advised us all to think about cancer before we have a glass of wine. Bet her parties are a right laugh. Dry January’s over so why not spend some of the money you’ve saved on a cartoon to cheer yourself up?

£100 for hand drawn version, £40 for a print, prices still the same as last year, I have achieved zero inflation. George Osborne has nothing on me.

Happy New Year

A warm and cuddly new year to all. Here’s my Dry January cartoon from last January’s Private Eye, for all those in recovery in 2016.


"To live well is the best revenge"

Merry Xmas