Merry Christmas 2021

I’m not doing Christmas cards this year so here’s some helpful Christmas advice

Merry Christmas and a good 2022 for all.


I’ve had a few people showing an interest in my seagulls cartoon in a recent Eye.

I can provide hand drawn originals for £100 or a signed print for £40, absolutely no inflation on this site, it’s knockdown lockdown prices!!! Goody gumdrops you people are spoilt.

Cheer your locked down household up with a bit of RGJ humour. Email now!

Merry Christmas

Have a good Christmas!

2020 summed up


Cartoon from The Observer, earlier this year.

Cartoon Collections

My cartoons can now be purchased from the wonderful online Cartoon Collections.

So get purchasing! Here’s one from the latest Private Eye to please pedants…



Who was that masked man?

Well I’ve had nothing to do during lockdown and still haven’t managed to maintain the news on this website, I’m rubbish at this. But now we can all go out wearing masks and pretend to be ninjas, superheroes, cowboy bandits or the Elephant Man. Cheer yourself up with a cartoon or print.


This one’s from the current Private Eye.

Twitterstorm cartoon

Are you in lockdown watching daytime TV? Then you may have seen Richard Madeley in Dictionary Corner on Countdown refer to a Private Eye cartoon about Twitter. It was one of mine, and here it is in its full glory…


So I’ve sort of been on Countdown. I can add that to my achievements, along with having the world’s most underwhelming IMDB page. At one point I was Richard Jolley (II) and there wasn’t even a Richard Jolley (I). Richard Madeley seems like a very astute fellow of great taste though, and we’ve almost got the same name.

Self isolation is fun for misanthropes

A cartoon from the new Eye for everyone worried about coronavirus. And remember, try not to poo yourselves with fear, someone else has hogged all the bog paper. So keep safe and let’s all get through with good humour.



It’s 2020, where are all the aliens we were promised? Here’s a cartoon from the Spectator to cheer you up.

Christmas 2019